School Memberships

Extend the learning experience with a Daycare & Preschool Membership to Science North and Dynamic Earth.


  • Membership is valid throughout the school year
  • Unlimited weekday visits to Science North during hours of operation, including Object Theatres, and F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery
  • Unlimited weekday visits* to Dynamic Earth
  • Adds value to the learning experience and makes your facility stand out

Membership Rates & Rules

  • $5.00 plus applicable taxes for every child registered** at your facility
  • Daycare/Preschool leader must call to make the visit reservation
  • Free admission benefit does not apply during select annual special events including Halloween at Dynamic Earth and New Year's Eve Family Fun Day due to enhanced programming at these events.
  • All visits must be booked a minimum of one (1) week in advance.
* Dynamic Earth underground tour will be closed for the season from September 25, 2016 to November 7, 2016
** Daycares with an enrollment of fewer than 60 children must pay a minimum of $300, plus applicable taxes.

To purchase a Daycare & Preschool Membership, please contact our Booking Agents at (705) 522-3701, ext. 0, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.