Do you want to do hands-on, innovative science with your students right in your own classroom? Our online lesson plans were designed with you and your students in mind. They are easy to find, simple, and you won’t need any elaborate equipment to do them! The comprehensive resources include:

  • Lesson plans for K to Grade 12 for every strand
  • Ready to use worksheets, answer keys and assessment tools
  • Instructional videos to help you feel more confident in the science classroom, with mini lessons from our Bluecoats and,
  • Dynamic, energizing classroom videos

Wow your students with engaging science activities and experiments that meet the elementary and secondary Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. At the elementary level this includes Understanding: Life Systems, Structures and Mechanisms, Matter and Energy, Earth and Space Systems. At the secondary level, lesson plans are available for academic, applied, College and University streams in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth and Space Science.

Booking one of our hands-on school programs at either Science North or Dynamic Earth? Be sure to check out the resources to see if there is a pre or a post activity that you can do with your students to enhance and extend their learning.

Have some feedback about our lesson plans? We would love to hear it!

Please send any questions/comments to Sarah Chisnell, Senior Scientist Education, or call 705-522-3701 ext 317.

Support for this project provided by the Ministry of Education