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NIGHTLIFE On the Rocks

Rediscover your science centre, all grown up. Hot topics, live experts & savvy science. It’s not your average place to play...

NIGHTLIFE on the Rocks is a series of nights just for adults. Enjoy an entertaining evening filled with creatures, cocktails and concoctions as you and your friends are dazzled by our hot topics, live experts, and savvy science. It’s a night out that you can’t find anywhere else. What are you waiting for?

Drinks & hors d'oeuvres available to purchase using NIGHTLIFE Bucks.

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Date: March 29, 2019
Time: 7pm-10pm
Location: Science North

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THC? CBD? Get to the bottom of this budding topic at the ABC’s of THC! Learn about the different types of cannabis, chat with guest experts and test your knowledge with smokin’ hot trivia from Nickel City Trivia. Plus, enjoy drinks and live music from Soundjack DJ. We promise, you’re ganja have a good time!

Science Cafe

Explore interesting science topics in an intimate social environment. Exciting themes, experiments, activities, and guest speakers, make each Science Social an experience you can't find anywhere else. Discover a different night out!

Science Cafe

Science Cafes are a regular conversation series, aiming to break down the barriers between academia and the general public. Science Cafes democratize science, taking it out of the domain of the expert and allowing everyone to voice an opinion. It pulls science away from its usual habitats of the classroom and the laboratory, and into cafes, bars, restaurants, even theatres, demystifying new developments and opening them up for public debate. Join the Science North staff and various members of the local community in this regular event, to listen, learn and share.

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Mining Deeper

April 16, 2019

With increased demand for resources, the mining industry continues to search for new deposits, often in new places. These deposits are often much deeper underground than deposits that have historically been mined. However, mining in difficult landscapes (such as below 2.5km underground) has major challenges such rock stresses and stability, heat on the human body, ventilation, productivity, and energy consumption, to name a few. What innovative ways are people in the mining industry overcoming these challenges? What does the future of mining look like? 


Panelists to be announced soon.


April 16, 2019


Taphouse Northern Grill + Pub
1500 Regent St, Sudbury, ON

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Dr. Edward Boyden

Thursday March 21, 2019
Tools for Understanding and Repairing the Brain

Guest Speaker
Dr. Edward Boyden

Over a billion people suffer from a brain disorder, few of which are well-treated by existing drugs or devices. A key problem is that the brain is a complex, densely wired circuit made out of heterogeneous cells called neurons, which vary in their shapes, biomolecular composition, and patterns of connectivity. Pinpointing how to treat brain disorders demands better maps of the brain, as well as better understandings of brain dynamics, and a knowledge of how to correct these dynamics when they go awry. We are inventing the tools to make such understandings possible.

First, to map the brain with molecular precision, we are inventing a novel technology platform, expansion microscopy (ExM), in which we embed brain specimens in a swellable polymer (not unlike the active ingredient in baby diapers), then add water – which causes them to expand isotropically manifold, so that the finest details become visible. Second, we have developed a technology, optogenetics, that enables the ability to control specific cells, embedded within dense neural circuits, with light. We insert natural proteins, which convert light into electrical signals, into neurons. Then we use light to activate or silence specific neurons, and see how they contribute to disease states – or to their remedy. Finally, we are inventing molecules that fluoresce when neurons are active, so that we can see the ongoing dynamics in states of health and disease. With these tools we are now aiming to discover strategies for repairing the computations of the brain at a “ground truth” level – with high efficacy, and with minimal side effects.

PLUS: Free admission to the BODY WORLDS RX exhibition

Thursday March 21, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Vale Cavern, Science North

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